Zdravko Trivic

Assistant Professor

Zdravko Trivic is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Architecture, National University of Singapore, as part of the Urban Studies Research Group. He obtained his PhD from NUS (2011) and a Graduate Engineer in Architecture degree from the Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade, Serbia (2005). He also worked as a researcher at the Centre for Sustainable Asian Cities (CSAC), SDE, NUS.

His key research interests include: contemporary urban spaces in high-density environment, health, well-being and ageing-friendly design, multi-sensory experience, arts, placemaking and participatory design, and sustainable underground space development.

In collaboration with the National Arts Council (NAC) in Singapore, Zdravko is currently leading a research project entitled “Arts and Culture Nodes in the Heartlands of Singapore: Exploring Strategies, Spatial Opportunities and Impacts (Phase 2)”. He is also a co-investigator in recently awarded project “Pedestrian Comfort in High Pedestrian Activity Areas” (collaboration between NUS, SUTD, ETH Zurich/FCL and Agency).

Some of his most recent publications include the book RE-FRAMING URBAN SPACE: Urban Design for Emerging Hybrid and High-Density Conditions (Routledge, 2016; co-authored with Cho I. S. and Heng C. K.), and a journal article “Towards an Integrated Urban Space Framework for Emerging Urban Conditions in High-Density Context” in Journal of Urban Design (2015; co-authored with Cho I. S. and Nasution I.). His design work was presented at: Venice Biennale (2006), World Congress of Architecture, Istanbul; and Fair of Furniture, Accessories and Decoration, Belgrade (2005).