Ardhi University (Tanzania). Head of the Department of Architecture

Dr. Ombeni Swai is an architect and a researcher specialized in Urban Design, sustainable cities, informal urbanism, architectural analysis and urban transformation. He has more than ten years’ experience in both teaching and working in architectural practices both in Tanzania and abroad.

With a PhD in Urban Design and Human Environmental Studies from Kyushu University, Japan, Dr. Swai received a fellowship to work for two years as a senior Post Doctoral researcher under the Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) where he researched on the Bio-architecture and symbiosis for urban communities in developing countries. In the subsequent years he worked in the field of human-environmental studies where he conducted studies on sustainable mode of transport in developing countries case of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Dr. Swai participated in various international architecture competitions such as Shinkenchiku Japan, Holocaust Human Right Center, USA, Koizumi Lighting Completion, Japan etc. Dr. Swai won a finalist position in the International Architectural competition in US to design the Holocaust Human Center in the State of Maine in 2005. He has travelled extensively for international presentations to Vancouver, Australia, USA, Singapore, South Africa, Seoul, Holland, Belgium and Nairobi where he has gained international exposure in the field of Architecture and Urban Design. In 2016, he was invited as jury member in the School of Architecture, Hasselt University, Belgium.

As a researcher, Dr. Swai is currently a reviewer of the International Journal of Habitat Engineering, Kyushu University. He has also published a number of academic papers in peer reviewed journals and he is working in number of researches in Dar es Salaam.

Currently, he is working at Ardhi University (Tanzania) as the Head of the Department of Architecture where he also lectures in Urban Design as well as supervision of postgraduate students.