Fong Hoo Cheong

Fong Hoo Cheong graduated from NUS in 1990. He is the founder of HCF and associates a boutique consultancy of architects, designers, and technologists.  Fong’s practice focuses his extensive experience on the continuing search for a process in the genesis of a contemporary and culturally relevant morphology in architecture.  His practice straddles large scale, logistically challenging projects to small scale high crafted works.

He attempts to bridge the divide between the large and the small.

Fong had a deep interest in the Architecture pedagogy, spending some 15 years in the Department of Architecture as a teacher. Between 2012 to 2015 he was the coordinator for the first year of the B. Arch Hons course and developed a syllabus for 1st year teaching.

Fong serves on the Preservation of Sites and Monuments board and is also the Executive Director of the Singapore Institute of Architects.