Flemming Rafn

Founding Partner Third Nature, Copenhagen

Nature Strikes Back. Strategies towards the Climate responsive City

June 21, 2022
 | Time: 
18:00 to 19:30 CET

Flemming Rafn, co-founder and partner of architecture studio THIRD NATURE, will give an introduction to his office’s both critical and positivistic approach to our climate challenged cities. The Danish studio have for the last decade spearheaded some of the largest and most innovative climate projects in Denmark. Flemming’s key concepts are driven by the notion that a coherent and optimized design creates the most powerful impact and sustainable solutions for the city as a whole, but also adds to the sensitivity to individual spaces, places and the people. A sensitivity that invites the users to a more aware, joyful and resilient everyday life.

Interview moderator:

Björn Hekmati

Head of “Zentrum Baukultur“, Mainz