The DRIA Director, Asst. Prof. Oscar Carracedo Garcia-Villalba, was invited as a keynote speaker at the GREEN WEEK Singapore organized by HKS Singapore.
The presentation was a sharing session of the studies and research conducted in the Designing Resilience Research Programme in the last four years.

The Green Week was implemented to encourage architects, urban designers and planners to learn and grow as designers in order to create a better & sustainable future. The yearly main event was held in the HKS Dallas office in collaboration with the other 25 offices across the globe. However, in light of the recent tragedies in the South East Asian region, the HKS Singapore office in collaboration with the Asia Pacific & Middle East offices, wanted to organize the 2018 Green Week – South East Asia with the intention to focus on urban and architecture resilience, and to throw light on the subject matter from a perspective that is more suited to the region.