Oscar Carracedo García-Villalba

Assistant Professor and Director of the DRIA international research Programme

Oscar Carracedo is an Architect, Urbanist and Educator, currently Assistant Professor at the Department of Architecture, National University of Singapore. He is the director of the DRIA-Designing Resilience in Asia International Research Programme, and director of the InnerHoods Lab, where he develops his research on resilience, sustainability, integrated urban planning and informal urbanism. His expertise also includes health cities, and the relationship between urban development and wellbeing; urban regeneration and development, with a special focus on developing countries.

Oscar is also co-founder director of CSArchitects, an urban planning, urban design and architecture firm based in Barcelona, Spain. Spanning over 17 years of international professional experience, he has been responsible for more than 30 masterplans, an extensive number of projects and consultancies in urban design, site, physical and spatial planning, architecture and public spaces, as well as many projects with underprivileged communities. Oscar has won two national urban planning and design prizes; more than 40 national and international competitions, and his work and research has been awarded and published nationally and internationally.

Oscar is the author of numerous books and articles, and drawn on his research he has recently published ‘Ibid. In the same place’, where he explores on-site resilient revitalisation strategies for low-income neighborhoods, ‘Indushoods. From industries to Neighbourhoods’ a study on how to renew and reposition industrial areas, and ‘Naturban’ a reflection about the relationship and integration between urban and natural milieu in cities.