Sean C. S. Chiao

President, FAIA
Asia Pacific, AECOM

Beyond Sustainability: Planning and Design for Resilient Cities

As the impact of climate change becomes more severe and urgent than ever before, it is no longer enough to sustainably plan and design our cities. We must continue to mitigate its effects, learn to anticipate the warming world, adapt to a changing environment, and plan and manage in order to restore resilience.

This presentation shares our experience working with city governments around the world to build urban resilience. In partnership with the Rockefeller Foundation, we guide clients through the process of understanding critical network and system interdependencies, working collaboratively across a range of stakeholders to build asset resilience. Project examples include master planning and urban design, smart city planning, disaster recovery, cyber security, coral reef conservation and river restoration.

Sean C.S. Chiao is president, Asia Pacific, overseeing AECOM’s strategic growth and business operations in Greater China, Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand, including more than 12,000 employees. He has led award-winning masterplans for new towns and the regeneration of urban landscapes. He is a passionate urbanist and firm believer in the power of collaboration to create holistic solutions and inspire the next generation. Sean led the 2016 publication, “Jigsaw City,” on the Asian new town, and he initiated the “AECOM Studio” with the Harvard Graduate School of Design, giving students an opportunity to engage with Asia’s urban challenges through in-depth design studies.