Miho Mazereeuw

Assistant Professor and Director of The Urban Risk Lab at The MIT

"Design for Indeterminacy: Rapid Urbanization and Risk"

June 27, 2016
 | Time: 
01:00 PM

This presentation discusses the overlap of rapid urbanization and risk through a series of case studies and projects. With both academic and lab based projects, the session will discuss the role of participation and governance in decision making. The Urban Risk Lab at MIT develops methods and systems to embed risk reduction and preparedness into the design of cities and regions to increase the resilience of local communities. Operating at the intersection of ecology and infrastructure, rural and urban, research and action; the Urban Risk Lab is an interdisciplinary organization of researchers and designers. With a global network of partners, the Lab is a place to innovate on techniques, processes, and systems to address the complexities of seismic, climatic, and hydrologic risks. We engage in action research through extensive field work and community workshops to focus on the needs of diverse cultures and contexts. We aspire to change the course of current global development trends through a radical shift in education and action to proactively embed preparedness and risk reduction in this rapidly urbanizing world.

Architect and Landscape architect Miho Mazereeuw, is an assistant professor of architecture and urbanism at MIT and is the director of the Urban Risk Lab [UrbanRiskLab.org]. Working on a large, territorial scale with an interest in public spaces and the urban experience, Mazereeuw is known for her work in disaster resilience. In the Urban Risk Lab, a multi-disciplinary group of researchers work to innovate on technologies, materials, processes, and systems to reduce risk. Operating on several scales, the Lab develops methods to embed risk reduction and preparedness into the design of the regions, cities and everyday urban spaces to increase the resilience of local communities.