Chang, Ching-Hwa

Bio-architecture Formosana
Founding Partner / Principal Architect, AIA

Rethinking the Design from B.I. (Biological Intelligence)

The wisdom of how nature sustain is the interactive evolution within the biological life cycle. We always know the aesthetics of environmental design emphasizing on learning from nature, although the beauty of the nature is irresistible, yet the wisdom of nature is still under exploring. The design industry manipulates the natural resources and energy in order to improve the living of human being. How we rethink the way we design and the efforts we can do might curb the global warming. The operation of biological intelligence includes the thinking of design passive, inclusive, adaptive, reductive, diverse, circular. The B.I. will help us to do more with less and to design smarter. To save the energy and utilize the resources by the circular way instead of linear way will reshape the design and building industry, and moving from maximizing to optimizing. The circular design will make the design resilient rather than strength and keep the earth growing forever. Everything we celebrate has cause a consequence we can’t see. The fusion of “the art of sustainable living” and “biological intelligence” will inspire us to rethink what we can do next.

Ching-Hwa Chang is the principal architect of Bio-architecture Formosana. Graduated with M. Arch in University of Pennsylvania (1984), she has taught in National Cheng Kung University, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology and the member of USGBC. She has won numerous awards for her ecological design, and her representative work includes the Beitou Public Library and the Pavilions for the Flora Expo, Taipei, 2010. She was awarded the 11th Awarding of Outstanding Architects in Taiwan in 2009 and was the recipient of Taiwan Architecture Award in 2007 and 2010, Honorable Mention in 2014.