Rules and Regulations

In submitting the registration application and making full payment of the competition and related fees, the entrant fully and unreservedly agrees to all the rules, regulations, clauses and conditions as follows:

 Conditions precedent

·      All projects and documents must be submitted in English.

·      All the entries need to pay the registration fee. Entries that have not made the full payment of the registration fee will be disqualified. Only credit card payment is accepted.

·      The registration fee is non-refundable.

·      The organizer reserves the right to modify the competition schedule.

·      An individual project may be registered only once. If a participant enters more than one project, each must be registered with a registration fee paid separately.

·      Entrants will be disqualified from the competition if any of the rules are broken.

·      Participation assumes acceptance of the rules and regulations.


·      This is an anonymous competition. The DRIA ID number is the only form of identification. Proposals not showing the DRIA ID number will be disqualified.

·      To ensure impartiality and that each design entry is judged on merit all competition submitted documents (panel and report) must be submitted without any signature, distinguishable mark or reference to authors.

·      Details of the entrants should be submitted separately according to the submission requirements.

·      The submitted designs and proposals have to be original although they might have not been produced exclusively for this competition.

·      Submitted designs and proposals cannot have been previously awarded or published. Entrants will be responsible of not having copied the designs and proposals from any other source or from another person's work.

·      The entrants must not disclose publicly that they are the authors of the designs submitted until the winning design has been announced.


·      Proposals submitted to the Restricted Competition cannot be submitted to the Open Competition.

·      Team members submitting proposals to the Restricted Competition cannot submit to the Open Competition.

·      Design proposals may only be submitted in electronic format by uploading via the submission area in the website and design proposals submitted in any other way will not be accepted.

·      Submitted proposals will be excluded from the competition if they are received after the announced closing date or if they do not respect the terms and conditions.

·      Entrants not following the submission requirements or breaking the rules will be disqualified, and the fee will not be refunded.

·      Contacting any member of the Jury is prohibited

Clarifications on Jury

·      The jury's decision is final, abiding and indisputable.

·      Entries are voted anonymously.

·      The jury can decide to pass or disqualify entries during voting.

·      The DRIA organization reserves right to revoke award status for entries for any reason including but not limited to inability to comply with presentation guidelines or editorial guidelines. Revoking award status means cancelling any award status that was communicated earlier.


·      The DRIA organization will contact the winners once they are publicly announced

·      The payment of the prizes/awards will be done through bank transfer. Awarded teams or individuals will have to provide the bank details within 2 months after receiving the award notification.

·      Any fees, bank commissions or extra charges as a result of the bank transfer will be borne by the awarded participants.

·      Prize/award will be transferred in singapore dollars, the National University of Singapore and the DRIA organization are not responsible of the exchange rates or any charges derived from the currency exchange rate.

·      If applicable taxes are considered included in the total amount of the prize/award.

Intellectual Property

·      The National University of Singapore and the DRIA organization reserves and keeps the right to use, publish and/or exhibit the submitted proposals and designs and use them in any medium.

·      The reproduction, publication, exhibition or use in any mode will not be subject to the payment of any fee or royalty to authors.

·      The Entrants hereby fully and unreservedly grants to the National University of Singapore and the DRIA organization, full and unfettered license to perform and conduct any and all of the following in relation to the submitted design works and proposals worldwide free of any fee, in perpetuity, and without need for the National University of Singapore and the DRIA organization first seek approval/permission from the entrant or any third party:

            - broadcast the design works and proposals including broadcast in any media, television programme, video, film, webcast, cable network, mass viewing, private viewing, theatre, cinema, websites, blogs, on any computer network (including the Internet) and the like (whether such broadcast is in digital form, analogue, film or otherwise);

            - exhibit the design works and proposals in any art gallery or exhibition;

            - publish, print and distribute the design works and proposals in any media, including (but not limited to) any magazine, advertisement, book, catalogue, periodical, publication, leaflet, document and the like;

            - copy, manufacture and distribute copies of the design works and proposals in any form (whether analogue, digital or otherwise), including (but not limited to) videos, movies, DVDs, CDs, digital files and the like;

            - publish and distribute the design works and proposals in the form of a web page or digital file on any computer network (including the Internet);

            - promote the design works and proposals in any manner deemed fit and suitable by National University of Singapore and the DRIA organization, and in full accordance with the full and unfettered discretion of National University of Singapore and the DRIA organization;

            - showcase the design works and proposals in any trade show, event and the like;

            - destroy, discard or otherwise dispose of the design works and proposals and copies thereof in the possession of "A-Design Competitions"; and

            - otherwise use the design works and proposals

·      By participating in this competition entrants accept that they will give full permission to the National University of Singapore and the DRIA organization to use, publish, reproduce, exhibit or use in any mode the submitted materials regardless of any patent rights, ownership and licences, trade mark rights and any other intellectual property rights which may not be mentioned herein. Any fine, fee or cost derived from these limitations will be borned by the authors of the design proposals.